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Now, this Winter, John chapters 10 – 16, among other things, will show us how one definition of glory is attention esp. drawing attentionJesus continually calls or draws attention to his Father in Heaven; do our actions, words, thoughts draw attention to ourselves, other things or God?

(Recap) Purpose of John:

  • Entry points for belief in Jesus  – belief is allegiance to Jesus – allegiance is following Jesus – what does it mean to know, believe, and receive Jesus?
  • The Book of John can be thought of as being in two parts; 1) Chapters 1 – 12 Book of Signs – whereby Jesus reveals his Glory to the World and

2) Chapters 13-21 Book of Glory wherein Jesus reveals the Glory of his Death and Resurrection.

  • Types of faith in Jesus include:
    • sign-faith – signs-faith – superficial faith – e.g. Bethesda pool man healed by Jesus, the many who follow Jesus when they see his miracles (water into wine; bread and fish)
    • bold, audacious faith or holy chutzpah – e.g. Mary, Jesus mother
    • salvific (saving) faith – e.g. Nicodemus wants to understand but is unable; John the Baptist points to Jesus as God (definitely greater than him)
    • unorthodox faith – e.g. Samaritan woman and her village accept Jesus; God is worshipped as Spirit – He is everywhere
    • glorious faith – e.g. Jesus does everything for the glory for God (not for human glory – Jesus does not seek human glory

Two signs – both pointing to a change of the old and the coming of the new. The first sign (miracle) of Jesus at Cana, is transformation of (ritual/purification) water into wine at a wedding celebration. Mary’s faith is the catalyst for Jesus first sign. We also start to see the tradition of Jesus challenging faith. Jesus is reluctant at first to do the miracle his mother seems to want because it starts him on the road to the cross. There are many levels of faith. Mary’s faith, bold, audacious – she doesn’t take no for an answer is an example for us.

The second sign Jesus cleanses the temple, reveals, zeal for his father’s house (he cannot bear God to be dishonored), and in the short section, 2: 23-25, Jesus knows what is in man, we see the foreshadowing of the old order of worship (rituals and legalism) being replaced with the new (faith in Jesus, honor for God) and a note about superficial faith. Superficial faith is sign (or signs) faith – it wants signs, miracles and even then is not satisfied, tends to fall off, have doubts, etc.

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