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John Chapter 16:  5-15 – Connolly (19) Title: Secrets of the Spirit – Lecture Title: Charismatic Faith

Charismatic faith is the faith in and of the Holy Spirit. John has already mentioned the Holy Spirit 3 times thus far in the Farewell Discourses:

The Spirit as Helper – 14: 15-17

He Spirit as Interpreter – 14: 25, 26

The Spirit as Witness – 15: 26, 27

Fourth Paraclete saying:  The Spirit as Prosecutor – 16: 4b – 11. In vv. 8-11 – The Spirit as helper, advocate and will act as counsel for the Defence in the case of Believers and counsel for prosecution in the case of Non-Believers – Greek word elencho meaning refute, expose, convince or convict)

Fifth Paracelete saying – The Spirit as Revealer – 16: 12 – 15. In vv. 12, 13 – declare – anangelei – Paraclete will bring out the fuller implications of the revelation embodied in the Messiah and apply them relevantly to each succeeding generation.  In 14, 15, the fifth and last time in these Paraclete sayings the emphatic demonstrative ekeinos – masculine in agreement with parakletos – is used of the Spirit.  He and no other

Will teach the disciples everything 14: 26

Will bear witness to Christ 15: 26

Will expose the world’s error 16: 8

Will guide the disciples in the way of all truth 16: 13,

And now it is he who has as his supreme mission the glorifying of Jesus 14: 14, 15

As the Son has glorified the Father by his work on earth (7: 18, 17: 4) so the Spirit by his coming will glorify the Son.  In making known the Son, the Spirit makes known the Father who is revealed in the Son.  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit abide in us. This is how we’re able to live joyfully, peacefully, lovingly, right now – we experience eternal life right now and these are the secrets of the Spirit – the more we surrender to Christ and keep our eyes on Him and are obedient to God’s will, the more joy, love, peace we will find experiencing, ourselves giving it away, and the more joyful, loving, peaceful we become in turn.


John Chapter 15: 12 – 16:4 – Connolly (18) Title: The Cost of Friendship – Lecture Title: Sacrifice is the Love Passion of the Holy Spirit

Rev. Barbara Buck taught us today and here are my brief notes: Sacrifice, a spiritual discipline, is the cost of friendship –we willingly give up things for our friends – when we don’t there’s no friendship. Similarly, as people who love God and follow Jesus, how are we friends of God and Jesus? The commandment of Jesus to love others as ourselves is a difficult one to follow but he also gave us the Holy Spirit to help us make the sacrifices with “exuberant joy” (not pain) needed to be a friend of God. This requires self-surrender. To be a friend of God is to give our sovereignty to God. Instead of putting ourselves first (what do we want) we desire and seek God’s will (what does God want for me/this situation in my life).

Barbara gave us three questions to reflect on:

1) Am I a friend of God?

2) Who’s in charge – me or God?

3) Is my life free from compromise with the world?

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