In John 18: 1-27, we have an account of the arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, Judas betrayal, and Peter’s denial.

We see Jesus, unarmed, betrayed, with no friend by his side, and apparently helpless. But we also see Jesus is in total control. This is his “hour.”  When struck unjustly in front of Caiaphas he speaks his truth quietly and then, in the face of more unjust accusations, he just becomes silent.  Oh, if only we could learn from the silence of Jesus.  So often we speak merely to justify ourselves (we try to control how we appear to others through this) and so many times this is so unnecessary! Why do we do this?

On another thought: What would we have done in Peter’s shoes? Peter, a poor fisherman, was probably very overwhelmed by all that had happened. Jesus arrested and allowing the arrest to happen, not allowing Peter to defend him with violence, and then taken to Caiaphas.  Peter is allowed into this house but he’s now afraid and wondering what is going to happen.  A combination of tiredness, confusion, and fear for his life, probably led him to deny Jesus three times. What are our fears of identifying with Christ? Can we even articulate them clearly –  all the situations and circumstances in our life when we are not able to identify with Christ?