John Chapter 16:  16-33 – Connolly (20) Title:  Peace in a Time of Trouble – Lecture Title: Organic Faith

In Abiding Faith, we learned the metaphor of the vine – branches, fruit, vine – this is an image of an organic union and it goes beyond the idea of intimate fellowship even.  The Spirit abiding in the disciples would teach them (14: 16, 17), hence Jesus’ words would remain in them (15: 7). As they continued in this union, they would know Jesus better (15: 15; 16: 13-15) and hence begin to reflect the ‘fruit’ of his character (15: 8, 9). This is organic faith – trusting and resting in Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit – this is what gives peace and fills us with christian joy, love for God and our neighbors, and increases hope.