Now, this Winter, John chapters 10 – 16, among other things, will show us how one definition of glory is attention esp. drawing attentionJesus continually calls or draws attention to his Father in Heaven; do our actions, words, thoughts draw attention to ourselves, other things or God?

(Recap) Purpose of John:

  • Entry points for belief in Jesus  – belief is allegiance to Jesus – allegiance is following Jesus – what does it mean to know, believe, and receive Jesus?
  • The Book of John can be thought of as being in two parts; 1) Chapters 1 – 12 Book of Signs – whereby Jesus reveals his Glory to the World and

2) Chapters 13-21 Book of Glory wherein Jesus reveals the Glory of his Death and Resurrection.

  • Types of faith in Jesus include:
    • sign-faith – signs-faith – superficial faith – e.g. Bethesda pool man healed by Jesus, the many who follow Jesus when they see his miracles (water into wine; bread and fish)
    • bold, audacious faith or holy chutzpah – e.g. Mary, Jesus mother
    • salvific (saving) faith – e.g. Nicodemus wants to understand but is unable; John the Baptist points to Jesus as God (definitely greater than him)
    • unorthodox faith – e.g. Samaritan woman and her village accept Jesus; God is worshipped as Spirit – He is everywhere
    • glorious faith – e.g. Jesus does everything for the glory for God (not for human glory – Jesus does not seek human glory