Hummingbird sipping nectar from a flower

Hummingbird sipping nectar from a flower

Welcome to our year long study of The Gospel of John. Read the IPCBibleStudyBooklet08-John, the Hummingbird Booklet, as we call it because of the Hummingbird image on its cover.  It has complete details of our study’s guiding principles and guidelines, syllabus, study goals; the spiritual disciplines we’re working on, and a short, informal how-to for lectio divina and exegesis, besides of course my references are also there. The blog posts here will summarize my lectures. Major study resources include:

1) The Bible – any version, although I recommend and will use the NRSV (for lectures) and ESV (for discussion)

2) John, The Way to True Life – a study guide of 26 lessons by Douglas Connolly published by InterVarsity Press. You can browse this guide online at Google Books –

3) The Gospel of John – a movie by the Visual Bible people using the Good News Bible translation word for word (no script). The movie’s website is here –  You can also watch this entire movie in ten minute segments from youtube! Here’s the introduction: Just look in the Related Videos section to see the other video clips from the movie.

For my lectures, I’ve been using Craig Keener’s 2-volume (2004) Commentary of John as my primary reference; the socio-historical coverage is excellent and the commentary recommended by D. A. Carson. I double-check with F.F. Bruce’s (1983) Commentary on The Gospel of John and R.V.G. Tasker’s (Tyndale) Commentary of The Gospel of John. Connolly uses Leon Morris’ guide (according to Carson, Keener replaces him) and so our reference and scholarship background is very well-balanced, thanks be to God and the Holy Spirit who is our guide and teacher.